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Deneb Okab assigns the Black Tofu Feather Quest which sadly is no longer available.

A quest is a mission or task given to a character. The objectives can be gathering or delivering items, defeating monsters, visiting other NPCs or locations, and much more. Completing a quest usually results in an experience or kama reward.

Quests info is recorded in the quest log, the "Your quests" button in the game toolbar.

Amakna region

In and around Amakna, many characters will offer to exchange some resources for scrolls or items. See Exchange for more information.

The following quests begin in Amakna.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
Carcassing Allister's Castle I'll roll up my sleeves and do my best to find what you need. 2,633 XP, 2,633 Kamas
Dragoturkey meat for Allister's dinner Haraquiri, Allister's official butcher, needs warm young flesh. 1,650 XP, 1,200 Kamas
Giddy Up! 5,000 XP
How to Put a Shark in His Coffin The docker would need to drink a beer or two to cheer up. 4,400 XP, 9 Kamas
Potato Head I'm going to deliver your potatoes. 2,934 XP, 1,200 Kamas

x12 Peeled Spuds

The Bootlicker Potion Completed Wartella's Teeth Bring me back some ingredients for me to finish my potion. 5,925 XP, 7,689 Kamas
The Site Chief Sits Down to Eat Completed Carcassing Allister's Castle The Site Chief wants to impress his future fiancée with a nice, well-filled table. 8,357 XP, 8,427 Kamas
The Lovely Hermit Completed all quests in Madrestam Monabella wants a remote house, far away from court 45000 XP, 5000 Kamas
Wartella's Teeth A shark is spreading panic in the harbor. Find it and come tell me where about it swims. 3,699 XP

x8 Cherry Shigekax x8 Lemon Shigekax x4 Mint Shigekax

That Be Frugal, One Time Level 80+ Madam El is panic-stricken. She's looking for her children in the village of Amakna. 113,700 XP, 5,000 Kamas
Rogue Guide Level 20+ Hello. I see you're a valiant warrior... Would you like to help us protect Amakna and Allister's throne? 6,000 XP
Crypt Tonight Completed Rogue Guide Oh! Sugar! Where is this den!? I'm late for my nap... What? You know Yse Vewybad, the minister? You can help me then! Do you mind searching for this den? 10,100 XP
To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question... Completed Crypt Tonight Now, you know that Yse Vewybad is conspiring against the King. You'll have to choose your side. 2,000 XP

Steward's Quests

The following quests are available when you have finished the quest: To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question..., choosing to take the King's side.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
Emmisary of The King Completed To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question... on the King's side.

Level 30+

My faithful friend, what a pleasure to see you! 4,200 XP
Pwince Chawming Completed Emmisary of the King.

Level 40+

What do you want from me? Can't you seem I'm cawwing out a quest? I must defeat a cweature wowthy of my lineage. Accowding to a chawactew dwessed in black, a Tofu hides in this countwy and I must defeat it if I want to access the thwone one day. 26,000 XP
Woyal Suite Completed Pwince Chawming.

Level 50+

You'we stwong enough now, you can join my othew companions. But you'we not enough... I need mowe attendants. Go and wecwuit some mowe! 45,000 XP
A Pwincely Wedding Completed Woyal Suite.

Level 60+

Hello! I'm happy to see you again my friend! Can you help me one more time? 38,000 XP
Who Framed the Wabbit? Completed A Pwincely Wedding. Level 70+ The pwince of Wa is being attacked. Protect him! 83000 XP

Vil Smisse's Quests

The following quests are available when you have finished the quest: To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question..., choosing to take the traitors' side.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
Information for a Real Traitor Completed To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question... on the traitor's side.

Level 30+

Find someone who can tell you what's going on in the castle.
Usuwpation of Identity Completed Information for a Real Traitor.

Level 40+

Find a way to turn yourself into a Wabbit. 22,500 XP
Coming Across a Beak Completed Usuwpation of Identity.

Level 50+

Vil Smisse asked you to bring him an Obese Tofu Egg. All you need to do is find the nest... 45,000 XP
There's always someone roguer than you Completed Coming Across a Beak.

Level 60+

Vil Smisse chose to play the rogue way: the slyness. 86,000 XP
Party Pooper Completed There's always someone roguer than you.

Level 70+

Contract a Lenald to kill the Pwince of Wa. 98,000 XP

The Bwork Village quests

The following quests begin in the Bwork Village.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
A Baton for Bworkonductor Level 31+ Me be Bwork chief! You give gift, me chief! 30,000 XP, 35,000 Kamas
A Trool's Mess Future Level 31+ Trool-Playing Game 30,000 XP

x1 Trool Briefs

Bworkid the Paxifik Level 10+ 5,000 XP
Goblins of the Workshop Level 21+ 5,000 XP, 1,000 Kamas

x1 Kritter x1 Bwork Archer Briefs

Gobriel's Angel Gobriel would like to become an angel. 25,000 XP
Gobrator Vibrates for Pinkgob Level 21+ That's where Pinkgob is locked up. 36,000 XP, 3,000 Kamas
Lack of Mussels Completed Litol Goblait the Goblinmagus
Lack of Skins Level 31+ 30,000 XP, 30,000 Kamas
Litol Goblait the Goblinmagus Level 31+ Litol's father wants him to become a magus. 40,000 XP
Pinta Gone Wants to Fill Himself with Bwork Beer Find the Bwork Beer Recipe 6,000 XP, 5,000 Kamas

x10 Bwork Beer

Welcome to the Krazybwork Saloon Krazybork wants to become dumb again. 500 Kamas

x1 Gobtrotter

Astrub region


Quests started in the Astrub region, typically intended for low-level players just starting out.

Quest Name Requirements Description Total Rewards
Acidrik Gutsplitter's Book Level 1+ Someone's ripped off Acidrik Gutsplitter's new book. Help him find out who... after a beer, of course. 55 XP, 200 Kamas

How to Make Friends and Keep Them

Guided Tour of Allister's Castle Level 1+ Allister's Castle is now open. Why not take a look? 955 XP
Nowa's Arch Level 1+ A Pandawa giving away a "Dofus" egg for only two Tofu Eggs? Sounds kind of fishy... How to Be a Perfect Mercenary in Astrub
Poor Twitwi Level 1+ Help granny's bird by taking care of the mice scaring it. 10 XP, 30 Kamas
Prisoners Of Astrub Level 1+ Help Edgg Komb fight of some Goblin prisoners. How to Be a Perfect Mercenary in Astrub
The Priest And Menalt's Head Level 1+ (2,-12) 266 XP

How to Travel Without Ever Losing Your Way

Do not let the cat out of the bag before the horse Level 1+ Help out a novice hairdresser. 1,750 XP

Pair of scissors

Arachnee sandwich Level 1-3 Gather Arachnee Legs for a hungry Enutrof 350 XP, 75 Kamas
Tofu under the microscope Level 1-3 Investigate Tofus suffering from a mysterious disease. 350 XP, 40 Kamas
Wooly Wool Shearer Level 1+ Show your determination to Gobballeater and win a Gobball Dungeon Key 500 XP, 200 Kamas

Gobball Dungeon Key

Endangered beer Level 2+ Someone is disrupting the beer deliveries. 3,650 XP, 3,500 Kamas
The Bow Meow's lament Level 2+ Brighten the day of a very sad Bow Meow. Can intersect with Poor Twitwi. 1,980 XP
Cra-rachnee arrows Level 4-6 Gather Arachnee Legs for a Poison 750 XP, 75 Kamas
Touch of madness in Astrub Level 4+ Eilof Aledec wants to build a shelter to protect himself from the end of the world! 1,500 XP, 50 Kamas
The latest fashion Level 4+ Help the tailor gather materials and get some snazzy new clothes. 1,300 XP

Winter Cloak Earmuffs

Kry Babby Level 4+ Bandits have taken Kry Babby's favorite toy. Defeat them and give it back to her. 2,750 XP, 450 Kamas
The difficulty of being a Jeweller Level 4+ Help the jeweller gather materials and get a snazzy ring. 1,700 XP, 450 Kamas

Tude Amulet Tea Ring (proven)

More infectious aged-Aunts! Level 4-5 Investigate Tofus suffering from a mysterious disease, part 2. 750 XP, 75 Kamas
Non Guided Tour Level 5+ Ploddey needs you help mapping far-away areas! 12,000 XP

How to Travel Without Ever Losing Your Way

Squirrel hunting Level 5+ Help Louse Degraine defeat the squirrels. 1,000 XP, 20 Kamas
Rat needles... Level 6-7 Gather rat teeth for a sleazy Enutrof 1,500 XP, 100 Kamas
Rat Extermination Level 6 (max level is over 30 but under 39) Some dark creatures are ruining Ant Emicheun's business. The answer would be to get rid of least until he can understand what they are doing here... 2,000 XP, 150 Kamas
In search of the missing Enus Level 8+ Rescue the Enutrofs trapped in the cave. 6,000 XP
Delivery problem Level 9+ The baker has trouble with his delivery boy and needs your help. Intersects with Thief...Lighty?. 2,250 XP, 750 Kamas
The plant dissension Level 10+ Witness the evolution of a new monster. 20,500 XP, 3,000 Kamas
A bear in the gobbies' house Level 10+ Find out about the hairy beast attacking Don Eaddat's herd. 6,250 XP, 2,500 Kamas
Thief...Lighty? Level 11+ FF7 parody. Help the hero juggle three girlfriends at the same time. 3,000 XP, 750 Kamas
Delicatessen Level 20+ Koka Dekolak needs several precise raw materials. 2,000 XP

x5 Lemon Shigekax x2 Apple

Load the Mule Level 20+, completed Delicatessen 7,500 XP, 11,000 Kamas

x20 Sesame Seed Bread x20 Flax Seed Bread x20 Roast Gobball Leg

Polar Race Level 20+, completed Load the Mule 5,000 XP, 6,000 Kamas

x5 Health Flask x2 Recall Potion x1 Ghetto Raid Potion

Trip Round the World Level 31+ Metag the warrior told you about a fantastic powerful relic. But you must show him your value as a warrior before you can continue. Field Key and access to The Key Master
The Key Master Level 31+, completed Trip Round the World Key Master gives you keys to complete 4 of the easiest dungeons. 14,020 XP
The Master's Henchmen Level 31+, completed The Key Master Jumbo Mumbo gives you the keys to complete 6 different low-mid level dungeons. 67,480 XP
The Warrior's Path Level 31+, completed Dungeons and Donjons Key Master gives you the keys to complete the 6 hardest dungeons in the game. 354,000 XP
Dark Baker's Treasure Map Quest Map from Dark Baker Get the treasure. Ber Ed Stick
Tricky Flowers Must be an Alchemist level 40+. Orchids grow in the Koalak Mountains, you have to get a lot of them to bring to Maskara. 5,000 XP, 4,000 Kamas
Where's the Minotoror?

Class Initiate quests

Each character can undertake the Initiate quest specific to their character's class.

Quest Name Class Description Total Reward
Crâ's knowledge Cra You like children? You will hate this one... 500 XP, 50 Kamas

Initiate's Bow

Forged in a bet. True to the Ecaflip way Ecaflip I bet you 10 Kamas you're looking for adventure! We Ecaflips all understand each others, ain't that right? You're not going to believe this but I just unburdened Kwartzwatch, the Xelor priestess, of 1,000 Kamas ! 1000 XP

x1 Yanguru Sword (female) or x1 Yingnitiate Sword (male)

And One Dizbi Wand, One! Eniripsa Wisdom has guided you here my friend. I will teach how to treat the worst pains and wounds that ever existed. Even the worst of all: the Cephal Algia. But first of all, you need the right tools that is: a wand. Can we start? 900 XP

x1 Initiate's Wand

There's one mole too much in my Astrub Enutrof There's one mole too much in my Astrub 700 XP

Initiate's Shovel

Be Fecaful! My herd! Feca Allisteria's Gobballs are hungry. They need to be fed : all of them! 700 XP

x1 Cereal Bread

Sword: Directions For Use Iop 500 XP

x1 Initiate's Sword

The Enutrofs Are Our Friends, You Have To... Osamodas Help your guild master to find a cure for his Tofus. 1000 XP

x1 Initiate's Hammer

Proud to be a Pandawa Pandawa Freshly arrived at Pandala, the Shaman assistant requests you to be a credit to your Goddess: a spiritual offertory would be really kind of you... Your initiation can start. 3030 XP

Mysteries in Pandala

Calm down! Sacrier You suddenly feel the need to learn more about yourself and you decide to go to a bloody place.... The butcher's. 1000 XP
Introduction to the character of... the Sadidas! Sadida Obtain some Hurry Wood: by sacrificing nature, you will have the opportunity to create a bond with it. 1000 XP

Initiate's Staff

Sram's Hard Work Sram Find Ogivol Scarlacin. You should find the way in to his den through a trap hidden in the ground of the timber yard. 1000 XP

Initiate's Dagger

Futuramakna Xelor It drives me mad! These bloody Ecaflips won their bet again! But I am not going to be had once again by their disgusting luck. You're going to help me and I'll teach you powerful spells! 500 XP

Initiate's Hammer


See Bounty quest.

Incarnam region

To access this region you must be level 1 to level 15, so all quests cannot be completed if characters are above this level.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
Thresh the Wheat Level 1+ Kill Scarecrow of Incarnam 25 XP
Lykhen's Lament Level 1+ Have a chat with Lykhen Zisurvivor 10-34 XP
Welcome! Level 1+ Have a chat with Dairdre Aming 20 XP
Get Down To Work Level 1+

Must have Alchemist profession

Gather 10 Flax Flower for Cripeled Nhin and deliver them to Foreman Ikure. 250 XP, 250 Kamas
Get Down To Work Level 1+

Must have Lumberjack profession

Gather 10 Ash Wood for Cripeled Nhin and deliver them to Foreman Ikure. 250 XP, 250 Kamas
Get Down To Work Level 1+

Must have Farmer profession

Gather 10 Wheat for Cripeled Nhin and deliver them to Foreman Ikure. 250 XP, 250 Kamas
Get Down To Work Level 1+

Must have Fisherman profession

Gather 2 Gudgeon for Cripeled Nhin and deliver them to Foreman Ikure. 250 XP, 250 Kamas
Manufacture Must have profession, Profession lvl must be 5 or lower Use tools 50 XP, 15 Kamas, 75 Profession XP
First Weapons Level 1+ As you're new in the area, locals need to make sure they can trust you. 105 XP
Chit-Chat Level 1+ Postor Nhin probably has something for you to do. 50 XP, 75 Kamas
Be Awooare! Level 1+ Djaycy is a fantastic dude. It took a mind like his to understand that with wool, you could make...wool. 145 XP, 150 Kamas
Brother, what's that Thing? Level 1+ If you want to know more about the story of Iop's sword, go ask Danaida at the Temple. 75 XP
Temporary Death Level 1-15 Brett Ernal turned you into a ghost. Use the phoenix to recover all of your energy. x1 Ghetto Raid Potion

Recovery Quest

Recovery Completed Temporary Death Brett Ernal wants beer. Why doesn't he go get it by himself? 15 XP, 10 Kamas, fully recovered energy
Up Hill and Down Dale Level 1+ Qwizitor Nhin asked you to make sure that all guards are doing their jobs. 230 XP

Popular Militia Quest

Primary Instincts Level 1+ You're improving your skills but it would take more to convince everybody. 270 XP, 25 Kamas, x1 Muffin Belt
Bath Waters Level 1+ Danaida needs water for her nymphets 75 XP, 25 Kamas
Fair Trade Level 1+ Currently have a Snoowolf Skin. x1 Issa Mess
Zaap away! Completed Chit-Chat 150 XP
Dare to challenge an Osamodas Level 5+

Completed Primary Instincts
Completed Zaap away!
Completed First Weapons
Completed Bath Waters

This vain Osamodas should be taught a lesson! 500 XP

x1 Cape S'loque

Popular Militia Completed Up Hill and Down Dale Qwizitor Nhin wants to know if the villagers noticed some unusual or strange things 150 XP

x1 Crashers

Dungeon Key Obtaining a key to the Incarnam Dungeon 55 XP

x1 Incarnam Dungeon Key

Piwi? Piwi piwi piwi piwi piwi! 250 XP

x2 Blue Piwi Feather x1 Pluswan

Fine Arts This artist needs some materials. 75 XP, 75 Kamas
For ever Friends Empty friend list Add a player in your friend list. 20 XP
Carrying out Duty The captain entrusted you with an easy but useful task. 150 XP, 70Kamas
Spelunking Kill Snoowolf x1 Flud

Bonta region

These quests begin in Bonta.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
A Hysterical Judge Completed The Master's Henchmen Kris is slightly stressed. You better do what he asks pretty quickly. 287,900 XP
Breeding Culture 500 XP

x1 Dragoturkey: How to Breed your Mount

Charge! Level 51 Provide some young fresh mounts for the militia. 3,200 XP

Brakmar region

These quests begin in Brakmar

Quest Name Requirements Description Rewards
Knowledge vs Strength 500 XP and 1 Dragoturkey: How to Breed your Mount
Dungeons and Donjons Completed A Hysterical Judge total 381,200 XP and access to The Warrior's Path quest
Stomp Stamp

Pandala island

These Quests start on the island of Pandala. Most of the quests are linked together in a common plot, with one quest starting where another finishes.

Quest Name Requirements Description Reward
Mysteries in Pandala Completed Proud to be a Pandawa (Pandawa initiate quest). 5,950 XP
Pandala: An Island Unlike All The Others 1,000 Kamas Gives access to Pandala island. 3,500 XP
Pandala: Its Goddess and its Villages Completed In search of the missing Enus 6,950 XP, Pandala Amulet
Pandala: the villages Completed Pandala: Its Goddess and its villages
Pandala, a Fresh Breathe Completed Pandala: the villages
Lenald Legends Completed Pandala, a fresh breathe
Meet dark Vlad and stay alive... ah ah ah ah stayin' alive! Completed Lenald Legends
Strange springs Ranma 1/2 parody. Completing this lets you turn into a bow meow, bwak, and young wild boar.
Pandawushuka follower Prove your prowess as a martial artist
Practicing Pandawushuka Completed Pandawushuka follower Prove your prowess as a martial artist, part 2.

Sufokia quests

Quest Name Requirements Description
The New World Gives access to Otomai Island

Otomai Island quests

Quest Name Requirements Description
Castaway Island (quest) Completed The New World Gives access to Otomai Island
Other Means of Transport 30000 XP and the ability to use Scaratransport at (-56,22)
Very High-Speed Scarplane 30000 XP and the ability to use Scaratransport at (-54,18)
The Hidden Son 30000 XP
The Lost Woman 30000 XP
The Death Bridge Keeper 30000 XP
Miss Lousy Piggy's Revenge 30000 XP and the ability to use Scaratransport at (-57,4)
Stella Stukup, the Baker 30000 XP
The Bulbish Potion 30000 XP
Kito's Revenge 30000 XP and the ability to use Scaratransport at (-49,14)
Crocodyl Dandy's Hunting Sessions Total reward 150,000 XP
Polka Merer Needs You 30000 XP
A Questionable Collection Not have Soul Capture spell 35,000 XP You can now go back to Otomai and start the quest An Eternal Harvest.
An Eternal Harvest Have Soul Capture spell

Reset quests

Alignment Related Quests

The Bontarian and Brakmarian alignments have a number of quests to increase alignment level:

Members of both alignments are also able to undertake PvP Quest (bounty-style quests).

Archived quests

These quests are no longer possible to obtain in the game: