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Your character is your avatar in Amakna, the world of Dofus. You can customize your character in a few ways.

Create your character


There are twelve different classes, each dedicated to one of the gods of Dofus. Which class a character has determines characteristic progressions, which class spells they learn, and more. The Pandawa class is only choosable for P2P accounts.

For more information, see the article on class.



Select your character's sex by selecting the male or female sign on the right-hand side of the screen. Sex does not have any effect on your character in combat except for the appearance of the sprite. Gender no longer affects marriage.

Note: The beginner swords for Ecaflips are still based on the characters gender.

Character colors

On the "Customize" screen, you can select three colors for your character, which affect how your character's sprite will appear on the map and combat screens. This does not have any effect on your character except for the appearance. (Please note: Your colours cannot be changed, so choose carefully!)

Character name

Select a name for your character. The name must consist solely of letters and hyphens. It cannot contain numbers, spaces or symbols. It also cannot conflict with an existing character on that server.

Note: The 1.18 update has put certain restrictions on name creation. A name generator has been added to help create names in accordance with the new rules.


  • It must be from 2 to 20 characters long
  • It may only hold one hyphen.

(ex. "Beach-ball-babe" is not acceptable)

  • It cannot begin or end with a hyphen.

(ex. "-dofus", "dofus-")

  • It must begin with a capital letter.
  • Without a hyphen, it cannot hold more than one capital letter. The character following a hyphen may be capitalized.

(ex. "Rainy-Days" is acceptable)

  • It cannot hold the name of a class or some other traditional "mule" words.

(ex. "Enutrof-gold", "Drop-guy")

  • It must hold at least one vowel.

(ex. "ghkrtss" is not acceptable)

  • It cannot hold more than 3 of the same consonant in a row. (i.e., "Harkkken" or "Mennnar" is not allowed, but "Blitzkrrieg" is fine)

Character attributes

In addition to the characteristics of a class, there are two statistics that are important to a character.