Who Framed the Wabbit?

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Who Framed the Wabbit? is a quest.

To begin this quest you must have completed A Pwincely Wedding, and be at least level 70.

Step 1: Help![edit]

The pwince of Wa is being attacked. Protect him!

As soon as you finish the previous quest and enter the first room of Amanka Castle, the Pwince of Wa is attacked by 2 Srams.

Reward: 5000 XP

Step 2: Bunny Suit[edit]

The pwince of Wa asked you to take his place to unmask the assassins. But you first need to find someone able to transform you into a Wabbit.

  • Find someone to turn you into a Wabbit.
(drag to see):
You must speak to Uba Teese at 7,2
  • Find someone who can complete the existing formula. (11,16)
  • Go back and see the person who asked you to complete the formula.
10000 XP

Step 3: Shopping[edit]

Now that the formula is complete, you need the ingredients.

  • Defeat x3 Sram Assassins in one fight
  • Enter the castle during the wedding.
83000 XP

When you attempt to reenter the castle to ensure the wedding takes place you will be attacked by three level 80 Sram Assassins. They each have 410hp and hit hard, approximately 225 per turn, as well as turning invisible. You will earn exp for this fight, and then if you enter the throne room, you'll witness an excellent, long cut scene of the wedding, and it's unusual outcome. Be prepared for another fight, though the Wa joins you in this one, where you battle Bob Lenald, level 70. He begins with 550 hp, but does a 'firefoux' type transformation and gains an extra 1200hp or so and triple damages early on in the fight.

Quest Notes[edit]

Once you receive the transformation you will be unable to use house/recall/city potions, but may still transport through zaaps. You can also join your spouse.