Wartella's Teeth

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Talk to Wartella at (8,-4) in the Madrestam Harbour.

Step one: Trail[edit]

  • Discover map Requiem Territory (8,-5)
So, you found the beast?
Yes, he swims close to a ship whose sails has a Wabbit on it.
I'm not talking about the shark, as in the fish, but as in crook: a gangster who's spreading panic in the harbor. You can't miss him, he's carmine (or red, for ignorants like you). Tell him to leave!
339 XP

Step two: The real Shark[edit]

The old Wartella is trying to make trouble for me? She's not the customs captain for no reason. Being a smuggler is hard nowadays. Give her these 1,000 Kamas. Maybe it'll calm her down. Come back to me and I'll give you some forbidden goods for this service. Be quick or else I'll find you and give you to the real sharks for them to eat you!
You get Purse of Kamas.

Step three: Big Bribering Teeth[edit]

What? He dares try to corrupt an officer on oath of King Allister in the execution of her duties? Go back to him and tell him that he won't convince me with these small coins.
She wants more? She's not an Enutrof for no reason. Here are another 1,000 Kamas. Hurry back to get your reward.
You get Purse of Kamas
That's better. I'm exhausted from all this excitement. Go get me some Piglet Milk and I'll give you a few candies. I don't want them anymore, they're bad for my teeth.
You lose the two Purses of Kamas
10500 XP

Step four: Milk Teeth[edit]

12600 XP
x8 Cherry Shigekax
x8 Lemon Shigekax
x4 Mint Shigekax
4800 XP