Usuwpation of Identity

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Usuwpation of Identity is a quest.

Note: This is part of Vil Smisse's Quests, meaning that you must have agreed to help Counsellor Yse Vewybad in the quest: To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question....

Obtaining the Quest[edit]

Talk to Vil Smisse (7,-5).

Note: You must have finished Information for a Real Traitor. You must also be at least level 40.

Step 1: Wabbit Potion[edit]

Find a way to turn yourself into a Wabbit.

Talk to Uba Tesse at [1,16]

You get 10,000 exp for this step.

Step 2: A formula![edit]

You have to find alchemists dispersed in amakna First, go to the Alchemist workshop in Amakna. Then, he's going to tell that you have to visit other alchemists (NPCs). He's going to give you the coords.

Step 3: After the recipe, let's get the ingredients![edit]

Now that Uba has the formula, he only needs the ingredients.

Bring to Uba Tesse:

Reward: 2500 XP

Once you talk to Uba Tesse and give him all the ingredients, you get the curse Wa Wabbit Transformation Potion and turn into a Wa Wabbit.

Step 4: False Identity[edit]

As you can see, Uba Tesse transformed you into a Wabbit. You only have to go to the castle and ruin this wedding.

Pass yourself off as a Wabbit pwince.

Go back to (5,-6), inside the castle, and talk to Steward San Lavalss. He'll quickly see through your disguise, removing the Transformation, and forcing you to fight a Level 20-ish Gobball Warchief, ending the quest as the fight starts.

Reward: 20,000 XP