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Unlearning a spell Otomai allow you to unlearn one spell under some conditions.

Otomai will only allow you to unlearn a spell if you have obtained certain quest items by completing dungeons on Otomai Island. The dungeons items you will need will vary with your level.

Necessary ingredients[edit]

Ingredient Lv. 30-60 Lv. 61-80 Lv. 81-100 Lv 101-140 Lv. 141+
Great Coralator Relic
(Grotto Hesque)
True.png True.png True.png True.png True.png
Goulo the Terrible Relic
(Otomai's Ark)
False.png True.png True.png True.png True.png
Greater Bherb Relic
(Bherb's Gully)
False.png False.png True.png True.png True.png
Tynril Relic
(Tynril Lab)
False.png False.png False.png True.png True.png
Kimbo Relic
(Kimbo's Canopy)
False.png False.png False.png False.png True.png


After meeting these conditions, Otomai will respond:

If you choose to Unlearn a spell, a dialog box entitled Forget a Spell will open. In it, you will find a list of all your spells that are above level 1. You can Cancel the dialog box or Validate the selected spell in the list. If you validate a spell, this spell and only it will be reset down to level 1, and you will regain all Spell Points you had invested in it. You will also lose one set of the relics from the dungeons run above.