Tricky Flowers

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Tricky Flowers is a quest.


Talk to Maskara at [4, -18].
Note: You must be a Lv. 40 Alchemist to get this quest.

The Koalak Mountain is a real paradise for us, the alchemists. I'd like you to bring me back some flowers from this region. But beware of the protectors when picking them up, they're said to have the god Sadida's eyes?
I'm always ready to help a colleague!

Step One: Easy Harvesting[edit]

Thanks, young adventurer!
5000 XP
4000 kamas
Be careful! The god Sadida is quite touchy at the moment. He doesn't like people picking up his flowers. Protectors are looking after the precious plants.

Note: If you have Edelweiss flowers with you, Maskara seems to also take 20 Edelweiss. This might be a bugged second step in the quest.

Quest Finished