The difficulty of being a Jeweller

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Talk to Shani Sings at (5,-16) and choose "Offer Help". You must be at least level 4 to take this quest.

Step 1 : A hairy amulet?[edit]

Bring some arachnees' legs to the jeweller, she strictly needs them for her amulets.
Bring to Shani Sings: x10 Arachnee leg
200 XP, 1 Tude Amulet

Acquire 10 Arachnee Leg and talk to Shani Sings to complete this step.

Step 2 : Recycling of stinky water[edit]

Bring some Gobball Saliva to Shani sing
Bring to Shani Sings: x10 Gobball Saliva
200 XP, 200 kama

Acquire 10 Gobball Saliva and talk to Shani Sings to complete this step.

Step 3 : A bit of thorny things[edit]

Shani forgot to bring enough Mush Mush Thorns for tomorrow's test. Go and get some more.
Bring to Shani Sings: x6 Mush Mush Thorns
250 XP, 250 kama, Tea Ring

Acquire 6 Mush Mush Thorns and talk to Shani Sings to receive a Tea Ring and complete this step.

Step 4 : Given away ring[edit]

Shani has given you a ring which has latent powers. To activate them, you have to kill a treechnid.
Beat monster: x1 Treechnid in one fight
1000 XP, 1 Tea Ring (proven)

Hunt down and kill a Treechnid. A treechnid can be a very tough opponent for a level 4 character, so don't be afraid to bring a party. Defeat the treechnid, lose your Tea Ring and receive a Tea Ring (proven) to complete this step and the quest.

You can no longer finish this quest if you are not P2P.


Nothing special. The Tea Ring (proven) is completely useless. You can't complete this quest if you are not P2P, prior to 1.20 you could finish the last part of the quest as there was a small F2P area right outside of Tainela The Cradle that contained a Treechnid. This area has since been moved into Tainela and is no longer accesible by F2P.


To complete the quest you will need
The total rewards for this quest are