The Warrior's Path

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The Warrior's Path is a Quest.

To obtain this quest you must first finish Dungeons and Donjons and then talk talk to Key Master (-6,-40).

Step One: Master Mite[edit]

  • Beat monster: x1 Skeunk in one fight.
55000 XP

Step Two: Master or not Master[edit]

none XP

Step Three: Game Master[edit]

650.000 XP

Step Four: Minotot Dungeon[edit]

  • Beat monster: x1 Minotot in one fight.
725000 XP

Step Five: Soft Oak Dungeon[edit]

  • Beat monster: x1 Soft Oak in one fight.
800000 XP

Step Six: Bworker Dungeon[edit]

  • Beat monster: x1 Bworker in one fight.
117000 XP