The Site Chief Sits Down to Eat

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The Site Chief Sits Down to Eat is a quest.

Note: You must have finished the Carcassing Allister's Castle quest.


Talk to Site Chief at (10,-1)

Step One: A nice table[edit]

The Site Chief wants to impress his future fiancée with a nice, well-filled table.

1501 XP
3970 kamas

I'm sure we'll have a delicious meal! I've just had an idea to perfectly end the evening... Could you find me an engagement ring?"

Step Two: A ring with the dessert[edit]

The Site Chief wants an engagement ring.

3756 XP
2849 kamas

I can't wait! Could you go ask her out for me? Her name is Monabella. She lives in Allister's Castle and often wanders on the quays. Tell me when she's available.

Step Three: A ring for Monabella[edit]

The Site Chief wants to invite Monabella to diner to ask her to become his fiancée.

She still refuses? She wants me to go there? Allister will never let me leave the building site of the castle for such trivialities. Well, try with Wartella, she's at the harbor of Allister's Castle. Tell me when she's available.

800 XP

Step Four: The Site Chief falls back on Wartella[edit]

He invites Wartella to share his dinner.

800 XP

I'm quite unlucky with ladies. And I'd prefer that you invite my buddy Walt Apain instead. Bring me back some beer when you can.

Step Five: The Site Chief prefers to have a drink with a friend.[edit]

All you need to enjoy a nice evening is beer and a friend.

(Note:These steps can be done in any order.)

Yes. We should be able to make it with this. Go tell my friend please.
The Site Chief offers me a binge again? Great! We'll drown his sorrows and his fish with beer!
1500 XP
1563 kamas