The Priest And Menalt's Head

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Starting the Quest[edit]

Quest given to you by the NPC Nistracolamus at (2, -12).

Step 1 : Discover Xelor's map[edit]

Go to Xelor statue (0,-19) and talk to NPC there then return to Nistracolamus and talk to him again.

Step 2 : Go where the Infinite and the Void meet[edit]

The symbol is infinity so we turn infinity 90 degrees and minus the second to get (8,-8) which is Astrub Meadows. Go there and talk to NPC named Arpagnagrobis who looks like a Perceptor and receive a book called "How to Travel Without Ever Losing Your Way"

This quest now ends here, Rewards : 266 XP, "How to Travel Without Ever Losing Your Way"