The New World

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The New World is a quest that gives access to the Castaway Island and is the prologue to The Castaways' Island quest, which gives access to Otomai Island.


Step 1: Get Ready for your Trip[edit]

The Captain Haddock'n'roll asks you to bring several items so that you can board on his ship.

{Once you've completed the quest you can jump to the 'Fight/Help friend' dialogue without the need for items.}

30000 XP


This is not actually part of the quest, it does not show up in your quest log, and is not required to complete the quest, however it is required to get to the next quest.

You must talk to the Captain, he will then take you to the Sea. While there you must repel the pirates, by killing them. It's similar to a dungeon.

Fight 1[edit]

Fight 2[edit]

Fight 3[edit]


If you die or disconnect on Castaways' Island, you can get back without the materials, but you will have to fight the pirates once again.


  • 08/01/08: Quest simplified (fewer items required)