The Master's Henchmen

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The Master's Henchmen is a Quest.

In this quest, you will have to successively complete the Scaraleaf Dungeon, the Blacksmith Dungeon, the Bwork Dungeon, the Larva Dungeon, the Bulb Cavern, and the Treechnid Dungeon.


To obtain this quest you must first finish The Key Master and then talk to Jumbo Mumbo at (-2,-14).

Step One: For the Title[edit]

Jumbo will be your umpire for this part of quest.

  45000 XP

Step two[edit]

Jumbo will be your umpire for this round.

45000 XP

Step three[edit]

Jumbo will evaluate your skills.

45000 XP

Step four[edit]

Jumbo is watching you.

55000 XP

Step five[edit]

Jumbo stares at you.

  • Beat monster: x1 Bulbig in one fight.
65000 XP

Step six[edit]

Jumbo keeps staring at you.

75000 XP

Step seven[edit]

Go talk to Kris Tericks at (-29, -48)

This ends The Master's Henchmen and begins the A Hysterical Judge quest.