The Key Master

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The Key Master is a quest. It starts automatically when you finish the Trip Round the World.

In this quest, you will have to successively accomplish the Field Dungeon, the Gobball Dungeon, the Skeleton Dungeon, and the Tofu Dungeon.


Last step of Trip Round the World requires you to speak to Key Master at [-6, -40]. This starts The Key Master quest. You receive 1 Field Key.

To enter the island the Key Master's hut is placed on, cross the bridge on [-5, -39].

Step One: Fight in the First Dungeon[edit]

The artefact quest started. Confront the monsters of the Field Dungeon.

You receive 1 Gobball Dungeon Key
15000 XP

Step Two: Continue the Adventure[edit]

Don't stop showing your determination.

You receive 1 Skeletons Dungeon Key
30000 XP

Step Three: Continue the Adventure[edit]

  • Discover map Go to the inmost depths of the cemetery
In other words, complete the Skeleton Dungeon.
You receive 1 Tofu Dungeon Key
30000 XP

Step Four: Continue the Adventure[edit]

  • Defeat monster: x1 Batofu in one fight
You've succeeded all the tests and overcome all the obstacles. Your courage shines upon you like a summer burning sun. Walk towards your destiny and may your soul be as strong as steel is. Leave me alone now, some questions need all my meditating...
40000 XP

Step Five: Continue[edit]

The Key Master sends you to visit one of his friends.

Arrrh, am sure I can fin' ya somethin' ya can do. Ther' ar' a couple of places wher' ya'd need to exterminate the rats. If Master asks for it, must be impo'tant. Here, start with this.
Thanks. This is exactly what I need.

You receive a Scaraleaf Dungeon Key and The Master's Henchmen quest automatically starts.

Quest finished.