That Be Frugal, One Time

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That Be Frugal, One Time is a quest.


Speak to Mr El at (3,-5). You need to be level 80+ to take this quest.

Step 1: Frantic Mother[edit]

Madam El is panic-stricken. She's looking for her children in the village of Amakna.

Step 2: Go round the Village[edit]

Villagers probably saw the El children. Question some of them to get some more information.

  • Find clues among the villagers.
(drag to see):
Find and talk to Marie Zoto (6,-7), Fred Austere (5,-6) and Jorg Dy (1,0), in this order.
35,000 XP.

Step 3: Small Hut in the Forest[edit]

The young Jorg mentioned a secret hut in the Dragoturkey forest.

  • Find map 'Secret Hut'
(drag to see):
Go to (-12,8) in the Koalak Mountain. To get there go to (-12,7), the spot to change map is hidden by a bush. Go inside the house and talk to Paindep.
8,000 XP

Step 4: A Unique Dish[edit]

The cruel Paindep threatens to devour the El children if she can't find anything better to eat.

Gordo McRamsay
Mouss Bouff
23,000 XP

Step 5: Just Cook It![edit]

The recipe of the Filtounga is in your hands. All you need to do is gather all the ingredients for Oliver to prepare this famous dish.

32,000 XP, 5000 Kamas

Step 6: Ingredients[edit]

Oliver, the cook, will make the recipe if you bring all the necessary ingredients to him.

You will lose all ingredients. You don't have to give them all at once, you can bring them to him as you find them, the quest will update as you do so.

31,500 XP

Step 7: Quick Recovery[edit]

Oliver now has everything he needs to make a Filtounga. You just have to wait.

4,000 XP

Step 8: Express Service[edit]

Oliver's Filtounga should now be ready.

1 x Filtounga Dish
1 x Filtunga Dish

Step 9: The Release[edit]

Oliver finished the Filtounga. Paindep must be satisfied

3,200 XP (For completing step)
27,500 XP (For completing quest)