Squirrel hunting

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Talk to Louse Degraine at (5,-23). You must be at least level 5 to take this quest. A fight will start immediately.

Step 1 : Tock Tick![edit]

You have to defeat 3 Mean Squirrel which wouldn't seem so hard, but they sap your AP away so you can't even do anything! You'll just have to hope chance is on your side and it only drains 2 or 3, depending on your attack.
Beat monster: x3 Mean Squirrel in one fight
1000 XP, 20 kama

Defeat the three Mean Squirrel to complete this step and the quest.

DO NOT do this quest while in a group.If you do Louse wont help you defeat them and youll be stuck with -6 ap for the rest of the fight.


Nothing special.