Soul Capture

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Soul Capture
Icon File:SoulsSeek.png
Class No class
Level n/a
Element n/a
Type Special Spell
Official description This spell allows the caster to capture a creature's soul at the end of a fight.

Soul Capture, previously known as Souls Seek, is a special spell.


Spell Properties[edit]

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Spell Characteristics[edit]

Caution: Monsters' elemental/neutral damage is modified by their statistics, which are in majority unknown.

Lvl Effect Crit AP Ra Critical Casts per Cd Caster
Hit Fail Tgt Trn
1 State 'Soul Seeker' (1 turn)
Bonus to capture chance: 1% (1 turn)
- 7 - - 1/40 - - 20 0
2 State 'Soul Seeker' (2 turns)
Bonus to capture chance: 3% (2 turns)
- 6 - - 1/45 - - 17 0
3 State 'Soul Seeker' (2 turns)
Bonus to capture chance: 6% (2 turns)
- 5 - - 1/50 - - 14 0
4 State 'Soul Seeker' (3 turns)
Bonus to capture chance: 10% (3 turns)
- 4 - - 1/60 - - 11 0
5 State 'Soul Seeker' (4 turns)
Bonus to capture chance: 15% (4 turns)
- 3 - - 1/80 - - 8 0
6 State 'Soul Seeker' (5 turns)
Bonus to capture chance: 25% (5 turns)
- 2 - - 1/100 - - 6 100


Soul Capture captures the soul of monsters and contains it in a soul stone. For use, an appropriate soul stone must be in the user's weapon slot, replacing their normal weapon, and if the capture is successful, after battle the soul stone will be removed from their weapon slot and transformed into a Full Soul Stone containing all of the monsters in the mob the party was fighting. Different soul stone varieties have different natural probabilities for capture, and the mob must be defeated before the "soul capture" state brought about by the spell expires. Should multiple people attempt to capture a given soul, at most one of them will succeed. Failing souling does not use the Soul Stone. Full Soul Stones can be used in arenas to allow the captured creature(s) to be fought again (which consumes the full soul stone). This is often used to fight boss monsters for rare drops.

Soul stones are available at soul sellrooms in Bonta and Brakmar. Soul stones come in different powers - in order to capture a mob, the soul stone must be of equal or higher power to the highest-level monster in the mob.