Profession Rune

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Customer view of a listed craftsman

Profession runes are magic stones crafted by miners, allowing you to have your name published as a craftsman in the "List of the Craftsmen" book, in the corresponding profession workshops. This allows other users to private message you to craft items for them, and to see information on your profession.

In order to have your name published, you must activate (use) the rune. Using the rune a second time clears your name from the list (eg. if you want to be left alone). The rune is deactivated when your session ends so you have to reactivate it each time your character logs on.


Crafted by an Miner (Lv. 40) from


Profession Options.png

When your name is displayed as a craftsmen: a window opens when someone clicks on your name in the craftsmen book. This window shows information to your potential customers about your profession, location and your chosen profession / referencing options.

By clicking on the 'option' tab when looking at the profession profile, you come to a screen. The top half of this menu deals with your referencing options when people look at you in the craftsmen book. There are 4 settings:

  • Must pay
    Whether a customer asking you to craft something / gather something from you needs to pay for anything or not.
    • Free upon failure
      If the craft fails, any payment put in the payment tab of the workshop returns to the customer's inventory. This option is disabled if customers do not need to pay in the first place.
  • Does not provide any resources
    Whether a customer asking you to craft something can obtain the materials needed by themselves or from you.
  • Minimum number of ingredients
    The smallest number of slots for a recipe that craftsman will make. Normally this is set to the lowest possible and rarely used; although in theory it may be used by those wishing to craft items to increase their profession level without obtaining the materials needed for themselves.

Rune List[edit]

Gathering Professions[edit]

Image Profession
Alchemist Rune.png Alchemist
Peasant Rune.png Farmer (Peasant Rune)
Hunter Rune.png Hunter
Fisherman Rune.png Fisherman
Lumberjack Rune.png Lumberjack
Miner Rune.png Miner

Crafting Professions[edit]

Image Profession
Baker Rune.png Baker
Butcher Rune.png Butcher
Fishmonger Rune.png Fishmonger
Handyman Rune.png Handyman
Jeweler Rune.png Jeweller
Shoemaker Rune.png Shoemaker
Tailor Rune.png Tailor
Bow Carver Rune.png Bow Carver
Staff Carver Rune.png Staff Carver
Wand Carver Rune.png Wand Carver
Axe Smith Rune.png Axe Smith
Dagger Smith Rune.png Dagger Smith
Hammer Smith Rune.png Hammer smith
Sword Smith Rune.png Sword Smith
Shovel Smith Rune.png Shovel Smith
Shield Smith Rune.png Shield Smith

Maging Professions[edit]

Image Profession
Jewelmagus Rune.png Jewelmagus
Shoemagus Rune.png Shoemagus
Costumagus Rune.png Costumagus
Bow Carvmagus Rune.png Bow Carvmagus
Staff Carvmagus Rune.png Staff Carvmagus
Wand Carvmagus Rune.png Wand Carvmagus
Axe Smithmagus Rune.png Axe Smithmagus
Dagger Smithmagus Rune.png Dagger Smithmagus
Hammer Smithmagus Rune.png Hammer Smithmagus
Sword Smithmagus Rune.png Sword Smithmagus
Shovel Smithmagus Rune.png Shovel Smithmagus