Polar Race

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Quest Summary
Starting Speak to Koka Dekolak
Level required 20+
Other prerequisites Load the Mule
Total rewards 120000 XP, 6000 Kamas, 10 Health Flasks, 5 Recall Potions, 10 Ghetto Raid Potion
Items required
(not provided by quest)
5 Wild Ginger Dragoturkey Peak, 5 Dragoturkey Peak, 10 Dragoturkey tooth, 3 Perfect Wild Ginger Dragoturkey Wing, 3 Perfect Dragoturkey Wing
Sequel Load the Mule

Polar Race is a quest.

Step: Convoluted Delivery[edit]


x10 Health Flask
x5 Recall Potion
x10 Ghetto Raid Potion
120000 XP
6000 Kamas