Pinta Gone Wants to Fill Himself with Bwork Beer

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Pinta Gone Wants to Fill Himself with Bwork Beer is a quest.


Start this quest at 2, -1 by speaking with Pinta Gone at the Inn.

Step 1: Find the Bwork Beer Recipe[edit]

  • Go to -1,8.
  • Head to the entrance of the Bwork Dungeon (not bworker), enter the room before the dungeon (it´s a hidden entrance lower left in (-5,10)) and move to the top left exit of the map you´ve just entered.

Edit: The hidden entrance for the library is actually a little black hole situated near the ladder. Step on it to enter.

  • Speak to Bworknroll and he will give you a book with the recipe for bwork beer.

Take care! aggro monsters in Bwork camp!

Also There appears to be a glitch so that sometimes if you die with the book you will lose it and not be able to complete the quest, even if you do go back to Bworknroll he will not give you the book again.

  • Reward : 2500 exp

Step 2 : Pinta Gone wants to read the receipe[edit]

  • After that return to 2, -1 to complete the quest.

Reward : 5000 exp, 5000 kamas, 10x Bwork Beer