Other Means of Transport

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Another Means of Transport is a quest.

Obtaining[edit] Talk to Flip Flap (-56,22) Dialog Hello! I'm Flip Flap, like the noise of a falling Scaraleaf's wings... Isn't it funny for a Scarplane pilote like me? Scarplanes are tamed Scaraleaves trained to fly long distances. We sometimes add wooden wings and a landing gear according to our needs.

Continue the discussion I've been dreaming to pilot something else than Scaraleaves for years now. I wish I could try Dragoturkeys... They're faster, more docile and seem more intelligent than my Scaraleaves. If you bring me back a certificate of a Ginger Dragoturkey as well as that of an Almond Dragoturkey, I'll let you use my Scarplane as much as you want!

Accept the quest Step 1: Two Dragoturkeys for Flip Flap[edit] Flip Flap would like you to bring her a certificate for a Ginger Dragoturkey and one for an Almond Dragoturkey.

Bring to Flip Flap: x1 Ginger Dragoturkey Bring to Flip Flap: x1 Almond Dragoturkey Reward 30000 XP and the ability to use Scaratransport at -56,22