Litol Goblait the Goblinmagus

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Quest Summary
Starting Speak to Plastic Goblait
Level required
Other prerequisites
Total rewards
Items required
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Litol Goblait the Goblinmagus is a quest.

Step 1: Chaperoning Litol[edit]

Litol's father wants him to become a magus. Bring him to the most powerful Bwork Magus with something to eat.

Step 2: What Big Teeth You Have![edit]

A Boowolf makes you a tempting proposition.

After little cut scene, you receive the Litol Goblait (following character).

  • Find map Escort Litol to his teacher.
(drag to see):
(-5,10), in the Bwork Dungeon entrance

Speak to Boowolf Bigfangh. Note that you have to fight it alone (with Litol Goblait, but no other player).

Note: if you choose the first option (Sell it), you receive 10,000 kamas and lose all the stuff but the goblin. He still follows you but the quest is finished and you earn no XP.

Step 3: Enrollment Fee[edit]

If Bworknroll accepts the payment, Litol will be able to become a magus.

As soon as you enter Bworknroll's room, a cut scene plays and you lose Litol Goblait (following character).

You lose the Troofle, the Fattrool, and the Red Cape

Step 4: Litol got his study grant[edit]

Bworknroll accepted to teach magic to Litol. Go and tell his father.

Quest finished
40000 XP