Lack of Mussels

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Lack of Mussels is a quest.


  • Speak to Bworknroll at (-5,10). He is in the room to the left of the Bwork Dungeon entrance.

You receive 1 Bworknroll's Scalpel

Step 1: A Useful Scalpel[edit]

Bworknroll needs pieces to create his ideal partner.

Tip: If you talk to Litol Goblait, he will show you his Outtahir spell, which will teleport you to the Trool Pit located in (-3,12).

20,000 XP

Step 2: Cut along the clotted line[edit]

Bworknroll needs to fill his creature with fresh (and juicy) organs.

To get this, you have to fight with Bworkcelhain, she is a Bwork similar to Bworkette, but has high resistance, lots of AP, and heals constantly. But you don't have to fight her alone.
25,000 XP

Step 3: Don't forget the essential[edit]

Bworknroll needs a mussel to finish his dream creature.

30,000 XP