Kry Babby (quest)

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Talk to Kry Babby at (5,-22). You have to be at least level 4 to take this quest.

Step 1 : One-armed Bandit[edit]

Camp of the one-armed bandits is north of Astrub Forest, the Teddy bear is probably on one of the bandits...
Discover map Camp of the one-armed bandits
Bring to Kry Babby: x1 Trool Fair Soft Toy
750 XP

Go to the Camp of the one-armed bandits (3,-28). Defeat a One-armed Bandit when it spawns to get the soft toy. Talk to Kry Babby to lose the soft toy and complete this step.

Step 2 : The linen bunch[edit]

You have to collect 4 flax flowers for Kry Babby's mother. Only alchemists can pick up these flowers...'(Or you can buy them at the Astrub Resources' Market)
Bring to Kry Babby : x4 Flax Flower
200 kama

Acquire 4 Flax Flower and talk to Kry Babby to complete this step.

Step 3 : Babby's house[edit]

Kry Babby forgot where her house is, she's scared to death and afraid to venture into town on her own.
Talk to Kry Babby
Discover map House of Kry Babby.
2000 XP, 200 kamas

Talk to Kry Babby and agree to escort her. You will be moved off the map and obtain the following character Kry Babby (item). Go to (3,-17) to complete this step and the quest.


Kry Babby now stands in front of her house which is at (3,-17).

Total reward

2750 XP, 450 kamas