Introduction to the character of... the Sadidas!

From Dofus 1.29
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Step 1: Hurry Wood[edit]

Obtain some Hurry wood: by sacrificing nature, you will have the opportunity to create a bond with it.

Talk to Oli Venders. He will then send to you talk to Clint Pot who will give you the Hurrywood.

Rewards 400 XP x1 Hurrywood

Oli Venders is located at (2,-21). Clint Pot is located at (6,-19).

Step 2: Ritual[edit]

Find the person who will help you make up Initiate's Staff.
Talk to Sadadi Sama who will direct you to Touh Flowa to create the staff. Bring to Touh Flowa: x1 Hurrywood

Rewards 600 XP x1 Initiate's Staff

Sadadi Sama is located at (3,-19). Touh Flowa is located at (3,-18).