Information for a Real Traitor

From Dofus 1.29
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Obtaining the Quest[edit]

Talk to Vil Smisse (7,-5).

Note: You must have finished To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question... and choose to help Counsellor Yse Vewybad.

Step 1 - Fishing for Information[edit]

Find someone who can tell you what's going on in the castle.

Talk to Paro Cabanne in the Bonta Tailor Workshop. He will give you more information if you bring him 10 Silk String.

Talk to Vil Smisse again.

Step 2 - Nit-picking[edit]

Now, you know the king wants to marry his niece ... but to whom?

Talk to Vil Smisse and if you are lvl 50+ you get the Usuwpation of Identity Quest.