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If you already have an IRC client up and running, just click to get started: irc:// #dofus-world on the same server is the official international channel, so may also be of interest.

IRC Introduction[edit]

First, you'll need an IRC client. There are a variety of IRC clients, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a list of clients:

You can also connect to IRC through hybrid-software:

Opera web browser has integrated IRC client.

Once you have chosen and installed a client, try clicking the link at the top. If that doesn't work, use the following connection settings:

  • Server:
  • Channel: #dofus-wiki

IRCube services[edit]

The IRCube network has a single services bot, Z. It speaks primarily french, but once you register a username, you are able to switch it to English.

Registering a user[edit]

/z register <username> <email> <email>

<username> is the username you want. Registering gives you control over that username, so picking your nickname is a good idea. <email> is an email address, used for password emails mostly. Note it has to be written twice, to avoid typos.

Recovering your password[edit]

/z sendpass <username> <email>

Sends a new password if you have forgotten your current one. <username> and <email> should obviously be the same as when you registered.

Logging in[edit]

/z login <username> <password>

Logs you in as <username>.

If someone else is using your nickname, the following command will change their nick so you can recover it.

/z recover <username> <password>

Other usefuls[edit]

/z help [command]

Lists all available commands. With [command], gives help for that command.

/z set lang english

Make Z speak English to you while you are logged in.