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Hunter is a profession. Hunters can gather meat and preserve it to make preserved meat.


  1. Speak to either Musa in Edge of the Evil Forest at (1,18) or Unterix Unter in Astrub Forest at (3,-26)
  2. Agree to becoming a Hunter. You will then automatically start a fight with a Hunted Gobball.
  3. Kill the Hunted Gobball, it will drop a Smelly Gobball Leg.
  4. Take the Smelly Gobball Leg to the NPC, who will then teach you the profession.
  5. Buy a Hunting Tool from the NPC.


Hunters have a chance to get hunter drops when they're wielding a hunter tool at the end of a battle with appropriate monsters. They do not need to actually use the tool nor injure/kill any of the creature.

The levels listed are the profession level needed to equip. (For example, if your character level is 10 and your hunter level is 50, you can equip the Spear.)

Hunting weapons[edit]

Any weapon can be used as a hunter tool after it has been turned into a Hunting Weapon by a Mage using a Hunting Rune.



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