How to Put a Shark in His Coffin

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How to Put a Shark in His Coffin is quest.


Talk to Walt Apain at (9,-1).

Step one: A Beer or two[edit]

The docker would need to drink a beer or two to cheer up.

I can see you know where to find good beer. I'd like to compare several of them.
300 XP
3 kamas

Step Two: Brew some Beer[edit]

Walt Apain needs to drink beer before he goes face the shark.

I shouldn't have drunk that quickly. Some water will do me good.
3600 XP
3 kamas

Step Three: Hops in the water[edit]

Walt Apain has a big headache as he kept on mixing beers.

Thank you. I'm ready to face the shark now!
500 XP
3 kamas

Quest finished.

Total Quest Reward:
4400 XP
9 kamas