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Note: This help page is primarily for utilization of this wiki. Please see Dofus:FAQ for information and Dofus:What the Dofus Wikia is not for information on this wiki. You can also ask questions on the Help desk.


The following will suffice to substitute for a real help page. If you came here by some other means, know that this entry can be accessed directly from the 'Help' entry in the navigation panel located at the top-left of this Wiki's pages.

This page is intended to list the most useful "Help:" pages. Please help to create any that are needed or use the talk page to suggest what else we need or to ask whether we have something not listed here. See also category:help.

This may be the first one new members need:


Please see the Wikia Central Help pages for more help.


Other Wiki have well written "How to Edit" pages. Most of what they have to say applies to this Wiki as well.