Gobrator Vibrates for Pinkgob

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Quest Summary
Starting Speak to Gobrator
Level required
Other prerequisites
Total rewards
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Gobrator Vibrates for Pinkgob is a quest.

Step 1: Find Bworkcine's Den[edit]

That's where Pinkgob is locked up.

  • Find map Bworkcine's Den
(drag to see):
1000 XP

Step 2: Stuffing Oneself[edit]

Bworkcine is ready to trade her slave for her weight in Bwork beer.

12000 XP

Step 3: Adjusting the Suitor[edit]

Will Pinkgob and Gobritor join together?

3000 kamas

Step 4: Plucking Pinkgob[edit]

Gobritor is jealous of Pinkgob's Piwis. Only the vibrations of his little green Goblin heart can make that of Pinkgob beat.

Talk to Bworkcine again to trigger the fight
Talk to Bworkcine to start the fight of the Pinkgob Piwis
3000 XP

Step 5: Some More Words[edit]

Pinkgob prefers to be a slave and breed Piwis. What a sad reality for her suitor...

20000 XP

Quest finished.