Goblins of the Workshop

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Goblins of the Workshop is a quest.


Note: You must be at least Lv. 21 to take this quest.

Hey hey you! Come, come!

What do you want little Goblin?
Me no lil'gob, me great goblin chief!
Ah...If you say so...
Goblin tribe opressed. Bworks want we in Workshop to make tapestry. If you spread Bwork blood, they forget we.
It's an unacceptable lack of taste. I can't overlook such an offense to the art of interior decoration.
(The other reply will offend goblins, fail the quest and start a battle. The quest cannot be restarted.)

Step 1: Kill Bworks[edit]

Gobatchev wants the Bworks to be killed before they kill the Goblins.

  • Defeat monster: x3 Bwork in one fight
  • Defeat monster: x4 Bwork Archer in one fight
  • Defeat monster: x4 Bwork in one fight
  • Defeat monster: x3 Bwork Magus in one fight
5000 XP, 1000 kamas, Kritter, Bwork Archer Briefs