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Welcome to Dofus[edit]

One of the best guides to starting out in the world of Dofus is the Incarnam floating island that replaced the old Tutorial. See Incarnam#First steps for some tips on how to start playing Dofus.

It is a good place for new players to get used to fighting enemies and teaming up. Players can join forces against monsters by having one player start the battle, then allowing others to jump in by clicking on the sword that appears to mark the battle.

Note : The world of Dofus is populated by many, many players from countries all over the world. Not all players will speak English. Some may be friendly and helpful, others may not. If you happen to encounter a player who is NOT friendly or helpful, ignoring them or avoiding them is probably for the best.

A Few Things You Should Know[edit]

Here's a few things about Dofus that probably were not explained in the tutorial:

  • Energy: Every character starts out with 10,000 points of energy. When you lose battles to monsters, or lose alignment battles with other players, you will lose energy. If you lose a Perceptor fight you lose roughly 3x more energy. When your energy is completely gone, you will be turned into a ghost until you can regain energy. While in ghost form, you will not be able to start battles, aggress, or run. You can be brought out of ghost form by touching a Phoenix Statue.
  • Challenges: All players can challenge other players to duels of strength and skill. Players need not accept challenges unless they desire to. At the end of a PVP Challenge Battle - no matter who is the victor - both players will not lose energy, lose HP, or gain any experience. Other players may join in on the side of whichever player they chose, and may be kicked out of the battles by the two primary players before both sides have readied.
  • Aggression: Players who have earned the Bontarian (Angels) or Brakmarian (Devils) alignment have the ability to attack characters who are of the opposite alignment or who are neutral. These battles are called aggression or alignment battles. When a Bontarian fights against a Brakmarian, those with alignments may join the battle to aid the side with which they are aligned.

When a Bontarian or a Brakmarian aligned player aggresses a neutral character in neutral territory (aka the Amakna reigon), an NPC knight will join the battle to defend the neutral character. Angels or Devils who aggress neutral characters are at risk of spending 24 hours in the Amakna jail. Neutrals who are aggressed in the territory of Bonta or Brakmar will not be defeneded by NPC knights.