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This profession makes edible fish so not surprisingly almost all fishmongers are also a Fisherman. Edible fish can restore life and, once you get your skills up, boosts Intelligence and Wisdom so it's a worthwhile profession. You should become a Fisherman before taking this profession to make sure you have a constant supply of fish.



  • Fishmonger Cleaver
  • Most of the non-fish ingredients can be bought at:
    Amakna (1,1) (12, -1)
    Astrub (1,-16)
    Brakmar (-26, 34)


  • Amakna (12,-1)
  • Sufokia (14,26)
  • Astrub (2,-17)
  • Bonta (-35,-54)
  • Brakmar (-24,40)


See Fishmonger/Recipes.


It is recommended to start as a fisherman, as this profession only cooks, and does not gut or supply you with the fish itself. Unless you have a steady supply (or at least any supply at all) it is hard to make a living off being a fishmonger.