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Fisherman is a profession which gathers fish and can make gutted fish. Most fishermen go on to become a Fishmonger, turning the fish they catch into edible fish. Fishing can be quite a hard profession compared to others but equally well rewarding.


He will give you a list of special bait to bring back to him, talk to Bish Fone (2,-17) He will give you the baits, return and talk to Kana Petch to learn the profession fisherman.

He will ask you to get baits from Aga Dou, which you have to bring back to Bhan Laka in less than 5 minutes.


The levels listed are the profession level needed to equip. All these rods and equipment (except the Apprentice Fisherman's Rod) can be bought from Bhan Laka in Amakna (9,0). The range of a fishing rod indicates how many squares away it can reach fish, as well as its range when used as a weapon in combat.

Name Lvl Range Specialty
Apprentice Fisherman's Rod 1 1 Gudgeon
Short Fishing Rod 1 1 Gudgeon
Fishing Rod for Snappers 1 5 Contest Snapper
Standard Fishing Rod 10 3
Cubic Fishing Rod 30 4 Breaded Fish
Knitting Needle 30 4 Kittenfish
Big Fishing Rod 40 5
Cho's Fishing Rod 60 6 Ediem Carp
Love Rod 60 6 Kralove
Telescopic Fishing Rod 70 7
The Big Pole 100 8 Perch
Harpoon Fishing Rod 100 8 Sickle-Hammerhead Shark


Amakna (9,0), (14,26)
Astrub (2,-17)
Bonta (-35,-54)
Brakmar (-24,40)
Incarnam (3,3)


See Fisherman/Recipes.


See Fisherman/Gathering.


Once your character is a level 20 fisherman, you may fight Devourers. Devourers drop bags of corresponding fish that contain 50 of said fish.

Success Rate[edit]

Here's the problem of fishing: the success rate is bad, and you don't get XP when you don't catch a fish. Apparently it's about 50% for small fish (river); please fill the survey (Fishing Research), so that we can make out a general formula.

From fisherman level 30, there are two different types of rods, sea rods and river rods. They drastically increase your success rate, since you will have high chance of catching a fish after the 50% base rate (something like 90%). Obviously, this works only with the rod corresponding to the fishing school.

Fishing Hints[edit]

When you're fishing, go to options > show the grid. The grid will be shown, so the places where the grid is on water are the spots that you can fish. So you're not going to have problems finding where to use the rod.

The amount of fish and devourers you catch depends on the time. Keep track of it and you'll learn the magic hours (Fishing Research).

Try not to scare the fish, see the Fisherman's Soul.

(It seems that if you fish in one spot for too long it will become over-fished, meaning that your odds of catching something go down.)

If you're no higher than character level 15 and profession level 5, you can repeat the quest Manufacture for Poss'Ybel Nhin in the side room of the Incarnam Inn (3, 3). Each time, give her a Gutted Gudgeon, whether you gutted it personally or not, to receive 75 job experience. 11 repetitions of the quest, thus 11 Gutted Gudgeons, are sufficient to get you from profession level 1 to 6.