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If you've found a broken page and wish to import it from the original Dofus Wikia please follow the steps below:[edit]

Please note that only registered, verified accounts will have the appropriate permissions to import files into the wiki.

You can obtain these permissions automatically by:

  • Successfully verifying your email address.
  • Completing 15+ successful edits with an account age of 5+ days.

Exporting Pages from Wikia[edit]

  • Go to the Wikia's export page located here.
  • Input the page name(s) that will be exported in the larger box, with each page name on a separate line.
Exporting Example
  • Uncheck the first box and select the export button. This will download the .xml file that includes all of the page's data to your device.

Importing Pages into 1.29 Dofus[edit]

  • Go the 1.29 Wiki's import page here.
  • Select the .xml file that was exported from the Dofus Wikia and upload it.
  • Once completed please navigate to each page and edit each one to include a link to the rollback template here. e.g. { {Rollback}} without a space between brackets.

Due to hard-set limitations within the MediaWiki software it is not possible for non-Sysops or admins to rollback to the correct dates.