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Male Eniripsa Eniripsa symbol Female Eniripsa
The healer's spells are words and prayers. Most of them are reliable only when the enemy stays within earshot. Respectful of life, these disciples spend their time curing and averting attacks.

The Eniripsas, or Eniripsa's Hands are the Healers of the Dofus world.

Of all the Classes they have the vast majority of effective Healing spells. These range from AoE (Revitalizing Word), to self (Curative Word) to just plain Heals (Healing Word).

Despite all of the Healing spells, Eniripsas shouldn't just be seen as healers. Aside from their Healing spells they have a number of Buffs, many of which are very useful. These buffs vary from range (Lifting Word) to shields (Preventing Word) to AP (Stimulating Word).

When Eniripsas would do damage in combat, they should use a good fire-type weapon. They have few attack spells, and these are weak compared to those of other classes.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality.png Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom.png Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength.png Str - 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Intelligence.png Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~400 401~∞
Chance.png Cha 1~20 21~40 41~60 61~80 81~∞
Agility.png Agi 1~20 21~40 41~60 61~80 81~∞
Main Characteristics
  • Intelligence: All Healing spells gain a 1% bonus from Intelligence, which makes it the near only Characteristic to raise for Eniripsas.
Other Characteristics
  • Vitality: It can be useful at low levels to help the Eniripsa survive long enough to Heal. Come higher levels though most Eniripsas should be able to Heal enough and have enough Vitality from Equipment not to warrant putting points into this.
  • Chance: Can be useful if building an Eni around Vampiric Word, but with low soft caps it can be a challenge.

Class spells[edit]

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Mot Olov.png Mot Olov Bought AoE damage depends of remaining hp of the target.

Curative Word.png Curative Word 1 Fire.png
A self heal.
Forbidden Word.png Forbidden Word 1 Fire.png
Attack, short range.
Frightening Word.png Frightening Word 1 Pushback, short range, low AP.
Healing Word.png Healing Word 3 Fire.png
Heal, medium range.
Wounding Word.png Wounding Word 6 Air.png
Attack, medium range.

Stimulating Word.png Stimulating Word 9 AP boost, short range (area, friendly).
Preventing Word.png Preventing Word 13 Fire.png
Shield, self-to-short range.
Draining Word.png Draining Word 17 AP drain, short-to-long range.

Revitalizing Word.png Revitalizing Word 21 Fire.png
Weak heal, medium range (area).
Regenerating Word.png Regenerating Word 26 Fire.png
Weak heal (duration).
Word Of Thorn.png Word of Thorn 31 Counter shield, self.
Word Of Youth.png Word of Youth 36 Dispel, short-to-long range (friendly).
Vampyric Word.png Vampiric Word 42 Water.png
Steal (heal for half of damage you do)
Small range, adjustable.
Word Of Sacrifice.png Word of Sacrifice 48 Fire.png
Strong heal, medium range.
Friendship Word.png Friendship Word 54 Summons a Coney (Bunny), weak boost/heals.
Paralyzing Word.png Paralyzing Word 60 MP drain, medium range (duration).
Lifting Word.png Lifting Word 70 +Range for 1 turn.
Word Of Silence.png Word of Silence 80 AoE AP drain, melee.
Word Of Altruism.png Word of Altruism 90 Strong Heal, global (friendly)
Disables use of any healing spells.
WordOfRecovery-Spell-Icon.jpg Word of Recovery 100 Fire.png
Superior heal, medium range.
Summoning of Dopple.png Summoning of Eniripsa Dopple 200 Summons an Eniripsa Dopple



Weapon Axe Bow Dagger Hammer Pickaxe Scythe Shovel Staff Sword Wand
Damage -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -5% -10% 0%

While the Eniripsa specializes in the Wand and, to a lesser degree, the Staff, both weapons are difficult to start with, since Eniripsas focus heavily on Intelligence. While both weapons provide large boosts to Intelligence, early Eniripsas may be better off using other powerful weapons that deal Fire damage, instead, despite the damage penalty. In higher levels, a Fire Wand can be very powerful, though it is a cumbersome weapon since it cannot be used in close combat, and is, therefore, better suited for Support builds. Staves are easier to use and provide Area of Effect damage, offering a good alternative. Being able to use it in melee means that it is more effective for Solo builds.

Class Set[edit]

The Eniripsa Class Set is the Altruistic Set.


Most Eniripsa spells are fire-based; this strongly favours Intelligence-based builds. However, builds based on other statistics are also viable for experienced players.

The choice of a build will therefore depend on other criteria, related to how you want your Eniripsa to take part in battles: in team (more common) or solo, as a pure healer or dealing his part of the damage.

The table below summarizes the main options for viable Eniripsa builds. More experienced players might take the challenge of less common, harder to play builds. A complete list of non-standard Eniripsa builds can be found on the Experimental Builds page.

°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Main orientation Rating Notes
Team support builds
Support +++ Team support builds concentrate on healing and boosting AP. Dependent on others for leveling, but becomes an incredible asset to any group.
Solo builds
Battle ++ Battle builds focus upon self healing and protection spells rather than directly supporting the team. This allows for independent leveling and, when done right, very high survivability. May rely on tanking and AP removal.


At (7,1) is the The Temple of Eniripsa, where you can get info about Eniripsas and fight the Eniripsa Dopple.


Reading Eniripsa backwards spells out aspirine, which is the French spelling of aspirin, a common pain reliever.