Endangered beer

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Quest Summary
Starting Speak to Tek Abir (see notes)
Level required
Other prerequisites
Total rewards
Items required
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Endangered beer is a quest.


Occasionally at night time, Tek Abir will leave his bar and go to his back room. Talk to him while he is in the back room to get the quest.

  • Note: Try this in the later hours Dofus Time (2 - 4 AM Dofus Universal Time, 9:15 PM for US Eastern Time) because Tek only waters down his beer late at night.
  • Note: If Tek Abir disappears after the animation of watering beer and you cannot talk to him, click the red "end guide" button at the top-left corner of the screen that apears while the animation is on progress. It turns off the guide and Tek quit watering his beer down and is available to talk to.

Step 1: Find the Delivery Man[edit]

Go to (1,-13). There will be a short cutscene in which Diver Birel will meet a cloaked stranger.

Step 2: Protect the Shipment[edit]

As soon as you reply to Diver's request, you will enter a battle with a ???, which has 100 HP. The ??? uses a spell called Crimson Ruse which steals about 30 HP, it also gives +10 damages for 1 turn to you. ??? can use this spell twice per round but only one time per target. You will have Diver Birel be on your side. You must defeat ??? and get the "Note".

Reward: 150 XP


  1. This quest may only be attempted once so try your best.
  2. If you lose, go to -3,-13 and talk to Diver Birel. Agree to help him.
  3. If you are killed, but Diver Birel is not, he can usually take out the ??? for you, enabling weaker characters to manage this part of the quest.

Step 3: Deliver the Goods[edit]

Diver Birel will now follow you back to the inn. Return to (5, -17) and talk to Tek Abir again. He will thank you and ask you to stop the beer robberies forever.

Reward: 2000 XP and 500 Kamas

Step 4: Oppression Brought to an End[edit]

Go to (2, -24) and Talk to Soun Rinos and ask for the chief. Click the option to summon the rule of strength. You will need to fight two ???s. Their Crimson Ruse attacks make them dangerous for lower-level characters, so bring a party if you're less than level 20.

Once you defeat ???s talk to Soun Rinos again. He should say "Ask why the beer was stolen". The chief will then talk to you about Tek Abir and propose a truce for free beer. Go back to Tek for the reward.

Reward: 3000 XP and 3000 Kamas

You can also click the option to pay 2500 kamas instead of summoning the rule of the strongest. In this case, you will not need to fight any ???s. Continue talking to Soun Rinos and then return to the inn to talk to Tek Abir. The Reward is the same.