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A dungeon is a set of maps where defeating a mob on one map takes you to the next map of the dungeon. Entering a dungeon generally requires a key of some sort, and there is often a special prize for completing all levels. In many dungeons you can also fight unique monsters that may drop special set items.

Dungeon mobs respawn when attacked instead of after being killed. This is to prevent waiting when two or more parties go through the same dungeon at the same time. All dungeon mobs are passive unless noted otherwise.

Guilds may place a perceptor in a dungeon, though not in the final room. You can not join and defend a perceptor if you are in a dungeon. When a guild's Perceptor is attacked in a dungeon, only two guild members may join to defend it.

Challenging is impossible in a dungeon, and the map of the entrance.

Difficulty Estimation. Total level WILL vary on experience and skill, just a VERY rough guide.

  • 1 Very Low - Players' group level should be 50+, for level 10+ players.
  • 2 Low - Players group level should be 160+, for level 20+ players.
  • 3 Low Medium - Players' group level should be 240+, for level 30+ players.
  • 4 Medium - Players' group level should be 320+, for level 40+ players.
  • 5 High Medium - Players' group level should be 480+, for level 60+ players.
  • 6 High - Players' group level should be 720+, for level 90+ players.
  • 7 Very High - Players' group level should be 960+, for level 120+ players.
  • 8 Hardcore - Players' group level should be 1200+, for level 160+ players.

The Dungeons[edit]

The following table lists all dungeons and their main characteristics. Note that for F2P members the only dungeons available are the Incarnam Dungeon and the Field Dungeon.

Name Geoposition Reward Unique Monsters Difficulty
Bherb's Gully (-51,9) Key to the Tynril Lab,
Greater Bherb Relic
Silf the Greater Bherb 6 High
Blacksmith Dungeon
(Smith Dungeon)
(13,21) Hi emote,
Tailor's Manual
Treasure Chest 4 Medium
Blop Dungeon (-25,-17) - Royal Blops 4 Medium
Bulb Cavern
(Bulb Dungeon)
(19,-22) Soul Capture - 4 Medium
Bwork Dungeon (-5,10) Bworky Bworkette 4 Medium
Bworker Dungeon (-21,12) Bworker Token Cybwork, Bworker 8 Hardcore
Canidae Dungeon (-24,1) - Moowolf 6 High
Cawwot Dungeon (29,-12) Cawwot Dofus Wobot 6 High
Crackler Dungeon (-3,-7) - Legendary Crackler 5 High Medium
Dragon Pig Dungeon
(Dragon Pig's Lair)
(-1,33) - Blodz Uker, Farle's Pig, Dragon Pig, Dorgan Ation 6 High
Dreggon Dungeon (-3,24) - Crocabulia 6 High
Field Dungeon
(Dungeon of the Fields)
(7,-25) - Famished Sunflower 1 Very Low
Firefoux Dungeon (28,-52) Peki Peki Peki, Zilla 7 Very High
Fungus Dungeon (-18,28) - Ougaa 8 Hardcore
Gobball Dungeon (2,-34) Bow Meow Royal Gobball 3 Low Medium
Grotto Hesque (-59,15) Otomai's Ark Key,
Great Coralator Relic
Great Coralator 4 Medium
Incarnam Dungeon (6,5) Flud (If you have quest Spelunking ) Snoowolf 1 Very Low
The Jellith Dimension (Potion) - Royal Jellies, Lemon Jelly 4 Medium
Kimbo's Canopy (-54,16) Kimbo Relic Kimbo 8 Hardcore
Kitsoune Dungeon
(32,-38) Little Black Bow Wow Tanukouï San 6 High
Koolich Cavern (-17,8) Part of Koolich Set,
Mount Taming
Koolich, Cave Gobball 6 High
Kwismas Dungeon/1 (-62,-99) - Itzting 2 Low
Kwismas Dungeon/2 (-62,-99) - Santa Jaws 4 Medium
Kwismas Dungeon/3 (-62,-99) - Father Whupper 8 Hardcore
Lair of the Gigantic Kralove
(Lair of the Giant Kralove)
(-60,-8) - Gigantic Kralove 8 Hardcore
Larva Dungeon (-2,-5) - Shin Larva, Golden Larva 4 Medium
Lord Crow's Library
(Lord Crow's Dungeon)
(-20,-62) Baby Crowdzilla Crowfox, Lord Crow, Drinker, Tamed Crow 6 High
Minotot Room
(The Minotot)
(-42,-17) - Minotot 7 Very High
Otomai's Ark
(Otomai Bow)
(-55,-4) Bherb's Gully Key,
Goulo the Terrible Relic
Gourlo the Fearsome 5 High Medium
Pandikazes' Hideout
(Lair of the Pandikazes)
(18,-36) Little White Bow Meow,
'Point your Finger' Scroll
Pandikaze Warrior, Aerial Pandikaze, Giddy Pandikaze, Pandulkaze, Pandikwakaze, Pandora Master 6 High
Rainbow Blop Lair (-25,-17) - Royal Rainbow Blop 6 High
Pet Sanctuary
(Pet Cemetery dungeon)
(-7,-1) Resurrection Powder Pet Ghost monsters 4 Medium
Bonta Rat Dungeon (-34,-59) First Key to Sphincter's Dungeon White Rat and other rats 5 High Medium
Brakmar Rat Dungeon
(Brakmar Rat Dungeon)
(-26,31) Second Key to Sphincter's Dungeon Black Rat and other rats 5 High Medium
Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon
(Dungeon of the Amakna Castle Rats)
(6,-9) Atooin Sphincter Cell and other rats 7 Very High
Royal Tofu House
(Royal Tofu Dungeon)
5th room of
Tofu House
- Royal Tofu 6 High
Sand Dungeon
(Sandy Dungeon)
(13,-28) Rest Emote Sponge Mob 3 Low Medium
Scaraleaf Dungeon (1,26) - Immature Scaraleaf, Black Scaraleaf, Golden Scarabugly 4 Medium
Skeleton Dungeon (10,15) Summoning of Chaferfu - 3 Low Medium
Skeunk's Hideout
(Skunk's Lair)
(-20,10) Kaliptus Dofus,
Perfidious Boomerang,
Bloody Koalak
Skeunk & Sadidettes 7 Very High
Soft Oak Clearing 7th room of
Ancestral Domain
- Soft Oak 8 Hardcore
Tofu House (5,6) - Tofukaz, Tofoone, Tofurby, Batofu 2 Low
Treechnid Dungeon (-9,-14) - Arachnotron, Ancestral Treechnid 6 High
Tynril Lab
(The Tynril Lab)
(-53,20) Kimbo's Canopy Key,
Tynril Relic
Dismayed Tynril, Disconcerted Tynril, Perfidious Tynril, Stunned Tynril 7 Very High
Wa Wabbit's Castle
(Wabbit Dungeon)
(24,-13) Part of Wa Set Wobot, Wa Wabbit 5 High Medium


Following places are often considered as dungeons, though they are not.

Name Geoposition Reward Unique Monsters Difficulty
The Dragon Pig's Maze (-1,33) - - 5 High Medium
Dreggon Sanctuary (-3,24) - Many Dreggons 5 High Medium
The Minotoror's Maze
(Labyrinth of the Minotoror)
(-42,-17) - Minotoror, Mumminotor 6 High