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A wikia being based on links, renaming a page often implies more than using the renaming function. Here's a short procedure, using the Ftalmo as an example and renaming it to Phtalmo.

Renaming - Technically[edit]

  • To rename a page, simply use the Move tab of the page to be renamed.


  • The following window appears


  • Type in the new name
  • Type in the reason (frequently: 'IG name change') and validate
  • A confirm window appears.


Congratulations, you have just renamed the page.

Listing the old links[edit]

Note: All Ftalmo links will now redirect to Phtalmo but must be edited to reflect the name change.

Method 1
  • In the confirm window: click on 'Links' following the old name to get a list of where the name appeared.
Method 2
  • Type the old name in the search field. You will be redirected to the new page, with the redirection displayed on top of the page.
  • Click on the old name to get to the old page, which now displays a redirect link.
  • Use the 'What links here' command in the toolbox.)

Editing the old links[edit]

  • Click on a link to go to the corresponding page and edit it.
  • In the summary for the edit, type 'Corrected link (name change)' or something similar.
  • Be sure to change all occurrences (the name may appear several times on a given page)
  • Editing the name may imply reordering the list where it appears.
  • Correct all pages. To go back to the list of old links, either:
  • Use the Back button of your browser several times to get back to the list. Refresh it.
  • Use method 2 described above
  • All corrected entries should disappear. Here's an example of corrected list. User pages and administrative pages should normally be left untouched.

The final touch[edit]

  • On the new page, add 'Formerly know as Old_name.'