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The following info its a short version from Wikipedia Portal namespace.

Portal was created by the Polish and German Wikipedias, then on 2005 was exported to the English Wikipedia.
The idea of a portal is to help readers and/or editors navigate their way through our wikia topic areas through pages similar to the Main Page. In essence, portals are useful entry-points to Dofus content.

Abstracting the idea[edit]

Ok so what are portals compose?.

  1. Custom name space
  2. Similarity with a main page
  3. Gathering links to the main articles from a specific topic or subject.


Ok how useful its each of the components of this portal idea?.

  1. Component its not really necessary. But it helps on easy to gather way for those pages.
  2. Component makes it more readers friendly, as it has a more segmented space by the different relevant on that same subject or topic, also it does not have to compete with other external subjects only his own subdivisions.
  3. Component has everything you need to know about that subject making it more easy to find info.


I have been studying various main pages, trying to get ideas that we can implement, i have seen that portals suit very well to some pages, also makes them so easy to find information.

But there are some questions that appear for us and those are:

  1. Should we use portals here?
  2. What could it fall into the portal page?

So this is to see what the community things about this decomposed idea, should we implement total or partialy this portal idea

  • In the partial we will use the already existing pages like for example Profession and revamp it with this idea using the second and third components.
  • In the full idea will be adding the portal name space, and chaging the page we have eg Profession to a more mechanic informative page.

Now i request Brain Storm on this, as this will help us move on the Nav bar and then on the reformat of the Main Page.