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Well as we always have a decent navigation bar to the left of the web page, now as we already have a project to improve the main page, and nobody has give objection, well its time to revive it or to discard it once and for all, so as part of this the idea of improving the Navigation bar, as to adding another box to put stuff that are common even thought sort of general

  • Class
  • Profession
  • Monsters
  • Dungeon
  • Equipment
  • Set

Possible also "mounts" as this is a popular thing, I'm trying to look if Wikia has an option where one can see what are the pages that gets more views so its more easy to target what to include in this extra box that will free a little of space making more easy to include other stuff.--Cizagna (Talk) 21:57, 17 November 2006 (UTC)