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This page is about naming conventions for articles.


Pages should have the same name as what they are referencing in game.


  • If an item and a monster or NPC share a name, the item has an (item) qualifier. Example: Kokonut and Kokonut (item)
  • If the item is a following character, it has a (following character) or (item) qualifier. Example: Soki and Soki (item)


  • If an NPC and a monster share a name, if the monster is the monster version of the NPC, the monster has a (monster) qualifier. Otherwise, the NPC has an (NPC) qualifier. Example: Allisteria and Allisteria (monster) vs Bulbig and Bulbig (NPC)


  • If a weapon shares a name with a monster or item, it has a (_weapon category_) qualifier. Example: Nomoon and Nomoon (bow)


  • Spells which share a name with anything have a (spell) qualifier. Example: Crow and Crow (spell)

Player spells[edit]

Monster spells[edit]

  • Monster spells with the same name but different effects have appropriate qualifiers, related to their effects. Example: Sucking (AP) and Sucking (HP)


  • If a pet shares a name with a monster, but the monster came first, the pet has a (pet) qualifier.

Monsters vs Summons[edit]