Coming Across a Beak

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Coming Across a Beak is a quest.

Note: This is part of Vil Smisse's Quests, meaning that you must have agreed to help Counsellor Yse Vewybad in the quest: To Betray or Not to Betray, That's the Question....

Obtaining the Quest[edit]

Talk to Vil Smisse (7,-5).

Note: You must have finished Usuwpation of Identity. You also must be at least level 50.

Step 1: Beg for an Egg[edit]

Vil Smisse asked you to bring him an obese tofu egg. All you need to do is find the nest...

  • Find someone who can tell you where to find an obese tofu.

Talk to Shika Inglasse at (5,6).

  • Defeat Monster: x1 Obese Tofu Daddy in one fight.

Click the wagon on the left of the screen to start the fight.

  • Talk to Vil Smisse again

Reward: 5000 XP.

Step 2: Force Feeding[edit]

You have the obese tofu egg but the egg will not harm the pwince... You have to find something to force-feed the unborn young bird.

  • Talk to Smakko

Go to the Koalak Mountain Breeder Village and talk to Smakko (-17,0). You receive a force-feeding potion (quest item).

  • Talk to Vil Smisse again.

Reward: 40000 XP.