Castaway Island (quest)

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Castaway Island (quest) is a quest. It gives you access to Otomai Island.


Step 1: Flib's Cursed Little Box[edit]

The Captain Haddock'n'roll miserably beached on the Castaways' Island. You must find the Flib's Cursed Chest and a few items to fix the ship.

30000 XP


It is recommended (to save time) to get the items before heading to the island. You are asked for 10 KoKonut Palm Trunks but only 1 is taken.

If you get to Otomai Island by Prism, just complete this quest on Castaway Island to access the zaap, then you don't need to complete the first quest (sometimes you need to die with low energy stats to get to the cementery there).