Bworkid the Paxifik

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Bworkid the Paxifik is a quest.


Note: You must be at least Lv. 10 to take this quest.

Zog Zog to you

Important note[edit]

There are two ways of solving the quest, each yielding the 5000 Xp reward. So choose the dialog options wisely...

The Pacific Way[edit]

Zog Zog to you

A Bwork that talks before hitting?
Bworkid be paxifik.
You seem to be a wise man among your tribe. I will wage war with the others. Good day.

If you choose this way, the "Defeat monster" objective will be greyed out, meaning you don't have to accomplish it.

The Aggressive Way[edit]

Zog Zog to you

Zog Zog too

You'll be attacked by a mob of 8 monsters, comprising 1 Bworkid, plus several bworks and bwork archers. Be warned.

Step 1: Bworkid the Paxifik[edit]

Scrap or not scrap?

5000 XP

Quest finished