Bow Meow

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Bow Meow is a pet.




Used in the craft of


Characteristic Food
Strength Tiwabbit ears
Gwandpa Wabbit Ears
Life Vampire Blood
Dragon Pig Blood
Agility Tofu Egg
Tofu Feather
Evil Tofu Wing
Intelligence Grawn
Gutted Grawn
Gutted Gudgeon
Fire Kwak Feather
Earth Kwak Feather
Wind Kwak Feather
Ice Kwak Feather
Chance Green Mouse
Gutted Trout
Resist neutral Bluish Jelly
Mint Jelly
Strawberry Jelly


One of the most annoying pets to keep alive due to its short feeding time. It can however be a better option than bwaks if one has no commitments to their time. If you have commitments such as a job or school then be sure to feed this late at night, say 10:00-11:00 PM as it has a low maximum time before it needs to eat again. Bow Meows have a lower minimum feeding time than bwaks so it will end up maxing out its stats much quicker.

See Pet for information on keeping Bow Meows alive.

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