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All the citizens in Bonta are Bontarian and are normally referred to as angels by their silver white wings. The city is guarded by Militiamen against Brakmarians. Neutrals though are welcomed to the Bonta and may use its bank and markets.

Becoming a Bontarian[edit]

Talk to Amayiro in the Bontan Milita HQ at (-33,-57) to join the Bontarians. You'll have to complete the first quest which is 'Bring Amayiro 10 Twiggy Swords'. These are normally available in the blacksmith market. After completing this quest, you will be granted your wings and the title of neophyte.

Alignment orders[edit]

Each alignment holds its own orders. For Bontarians, the three orders are:

Alignment quests[edit]

See Bonta/Quests.