Black Tofu Feather Quest

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Deprecated feature

Note: The Black Tofu Feather Quest is no longer available. The page is kept for historical purposes.

The first quest that a new character can go on outside of The Cradle is the Black Tofu Feather Quest. This quest requires one Black Tofu Feather to complete. The easiest and most reliable spawn is at (-10,-3) inside Cradle.

This quest is rather easy to complete once the Black Tofu has been found, the drop rate for the Black Tofu Feather is 100%. If you can survive the battle (and Black Tofu are rarely over level 5), you will recieve the Black Tofu Feather.

For people who don't know how to fight tofus and other fast-moving monsters, here's a quick tip: do not walk towards the tofu unless you can reach it. If you do, it will hit you and run even farther away. Instead, move away from it so it has to run far to reach you and can't run far enough away. Then you smack it, hard.