Be Fecaful! My herd!

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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Allisteria (3, -16)
Level required
Other prerequisites Feca
Total rewards 800 XP, 1 Cereal Bread
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Be Fecaful! My herd! is a quest.

Note that after talking with her, she'll later always be found at (4,-14). You can also start the there. Template:Cutscene

Step 1: We're starving![edit]

Allisteria's Gobballs are hungry. They need to be fed... all of them!

  • Go and meet Allisteria at the southern gates of the town
(drag to see):
The place is (4,-14)
You receive 10 kamas
  • Find map 'Astrub Tavern'.
Talk to Tek Abir

(Optional:) Talk to Allisteria

Talk to each of the Tame Gobballs

200 XP

Step 2: Stewed Black Gobball Pudding[edit]

Save the good Stewed Black Gobball Pudding tradition.

You receive 5 kamas.
  • Find map 'Seth Sourcet's Store'
Follow the compass to (1,-16) and buy 2 Lemons from Seth Sourcet
Follow the compass to (0,-15) and speak to Saketsu.
You receive 4 Smelly Gobball Legs
200 XP

Step 3: Fight if you're a Feca[edit]

The famous Fallenster asked you to train his daughter to be a fighter.


Finish the fight. Normally, this involves dying and reappearing back at the Feca statue with your compass pointing back down to Allisteria.

You receive 1 Cereal Bread
400 XP